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Certification and Programmes

Preparing you for tomorrow

We believe in equipping individuals with the right skills and attitude to take on challenges of the ever-changing world.

Establishing a standardisation of baseline skills and aptitude, we’ve developed a transparent and robust certification process to encourage upskilling in technology education including robotics, coding, etc. Our tiered process certifies learners from basic literacy to advanced competencies through a framework for structured skill development.

Computational thinking and problem solving skills are core tenets of the certification that ensuresĀ  learners have the knowledge and confidence to pursue opportunities that challenge them further.

A certification from CSARC opens the door for individuals to pursue personal and professional ambitions.

Our Principal Values


Our certification emphasises thinking outside the box, pushing learners to engineer innovative solutions instead of expecting one right answer.


Our process develops grit in learners, encouraging them to embrace “failure”, and pushing learners to set and achieve their own goals and ambitions.


Our robust certification framework ensures learners gain a strong foundation in technology education and critical computational thinking skills. Learners also gain confidence with the knowledge and skills to apply in and outside of the world of tech.

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