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Be certified in one of the world’s most popular programming language.

Industry Relevant Standard

Whether you are an industry professional looking to upskill or a student considering a career in computer science, let our CSARC Certification in Python provide a benchmark to your programming skills.

A Foundation for Data Science and Data Analytics

Our certification programme provides a progressive standard for statistical analysis and machine learning.

Examination & Competency Levels

CSARC Certificate in Python Grade 1

  • Introduction to programming & Python syntax
  • Variables & operators
  • If/Else statements
  • Repetitions using While loop and For loop
  • Data types & formatting
  • File Input/Output processing

CSARC Certificate in Python Grade 2

  • Object oriented programming
  • Classes and Methods
  • Plotting and data operations with Numpy
  • Data structure and manipulation with Pandas

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Get internationally certified in coding and robotics standards